Leduc & Edmonton Newborn Photographer

IMG_1533 copy.jpgHI,

My name is Kathryn and I’ve been doing newborn and Maternity Photography for the past 3 & 1/2 years. When I first started out with photography I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to focus on most. The first newborn session I did was exactly what I wanted. It was a tough session, infact it took 3 hours and we had to shoot again a few days later. But even though it was probably one of the most difficult newborn sessions I’ve done, I loved every second of it.

Since that first newborn session, I’ve tried to limit the amount of other sessions so that I could fit in more newborns and maternity. Through the last couple of years I’ve participated in several online newborn workshops and had the privilege last year of joining Crystal Lee Photography in Lacombe doing a One on One Newborn Mentoring workshop. This helped me really nail my angles and my workflow. I look forward to every newborn shoot with excitement and enjoy every second of the shoot. I enjoy visiting with the new parents and sharing experiences of parenting and delivering.

When I first started out in photography I had just had my second daughter. Photography was something I had always wanted to do, but could never afford a DSLR. My husband bought me my first DSLR a Canon Rebel T2i with a kit lens and a 50mm 1.8 lens. I started on my journey immediately by taking some photography courses in Edmonton, and thats how it all started! 

Last year I found out I was pregnant with Identical twins, and my doctor told me that I needed to stop working in order to carry my twins full term. This blew me away since we have no twins in our family at all, and weren’t even trying to get pregnant! I initially expected that If I did get pregnant it would be fine since I could work until at least 8 months pregnant. Not the case! As soon as I got my Dr’s orders I refunded all deposits and cancelled all my sessions. I was so worried that I wouldnt be able to get back into photography. BUT carrying the twins Full term was the most important thing. So I made it to 37 weeks and had the twins 3 weeks early.

The twins were the most amazing babies! I couldnt be more thankful, and I had alot of support from family and friends. My 2 1/2 year old daughter had a very hard time with my pregnancy and especially when the twins came. She was a mommy’s girl. Now she’s much happier, but it was a very difficult period of time. 

As the twins were such good babies I decided to start back up doing photography when the twins were 3 months old. But now that the twins are getting much busier, my life seems to be totally crazy. I find myself running around from sun up to sun down barely ever getting a break. It’s been very interesting business wise! I’ve decided to bring on a Partner for my business come September.

Her name is Jasmine and she will be taking care of the Emails, Messages & Scheduling. She will also help with the editing and organizing of Rayne Drop Photography. As everyone’s lives get busier, I feel its very important for me to spend as much time as possible with my children and enjoy all those special moments. I really dont want to miss anything. I find that i’m so busy I barely have time to photograph my own children:( I know…. its terrible!

But I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey and still building knowledge and progressing in making beautiful pieces of newborn art. I hope to have continued support from all the amazing people i’ve met over the past couple years and meeting more in the future!