How I became a Newborn Photographer in the Edmonton Area

Many of you have been following my work for nearly 3.5 years and that was shortly after I had my second Daughter. I started doing photography because I loved photographing my own children. I had always wanted to do something that I truly loved so much, and my hubby encouraged me to do it.

How did I start this journey?

I took courses on shooting my camera in Manual Mode and shooting in RAW which is CRUCIAL when shooting professionally. However I was feeling frusterated with Photoshop so I reached out to one of my friends who was an established and amazing photographer in B.C. She helped get me started and really helped fine tune some of my work. Accepting Constructive Critism is so important yet hard to take at the same time. As a new photographer you love what you are doing so much that you obsess and analyze every photograph. Sometimes you get so excited that over editing tends to happen, taking away from the beauty of the image. It takes an experienced photographer to point you in the right direction. So although difficult to hear, it was greatly appreciated any critism or advice provided by any photographer. It helps shape you and mold you into WHO you really want to be.


I found near the beginning that I really struggled with finding my style of editing. I tend even now to play with different editing styles, but I’ve noticed that I am drawn to warm, hazy and rich colors. Moody black and whites are some of my favorites. But Editing I feel will consistently change as sometimes my mood changes for different sessions. Such as I had the privelege of shooting a Newborn Lifestyle last week. I LOVED IT by the way, but the look I wanted to go for was completely different then my posed newborn sessions. But of course the session is completely different too!!

Anyways.. back on track

After trying out all the different types of sessions I could, My focus was on Maternity and Newborn Photography. I found that photographing expecting Moms and Dads and being able to share in their joy, making a connection with them and then photographing their new baby is something So amazing I can’t even describe the feeling.


How did I figure out those super cute poses?

I invested alot of time and energy into doing many many newborn shoots for a fraction of the going rate so that I could get as much hands on experience as possible. Posed Newborn Photography is so much harder then it looks! It takes time, ALOT of patience and safe techniques. I Invested in some online E-Workshops and joined Online Newborn Photographers Groups on facebook where we helped eachother. After I saved, This past January I had the privilege of doing a 1:1 mentoring workshop with the very Talented Crystal Lee Photography who is based out of Lacombe, Alberta. We spent the entire day shooting two newborns, learning angles and different techniques that have evolved my workflow and made a world of difference!


Where do I get my props?

Alot of my props I find at places such as Winners or Homesense. I dont think I ever drive by a Winners without stopping.. Unless I have a Van full of toddlers of course!!

 I do alot of Online Shopping. I dont think any newborn Photographer can resist a good Ready to Ship Sale by a talented Photography Vendor! Facebook is so great for that!

I also make alot of props. Headbands, or wraps. I will go to the fabric store and by different fabrics, hoping they work. Cutting them up and experimenting with them. 

Where do I shoot my newborn sessions?

I use to shoot out of my living room in my old house! Yes, I know it sounds funny to have a living room studio. But the truth of the matter is that most newborn photographers start out this way! We either shoot in our living room, re arranging the furniture or coming to the clients homes and completely packing our cars right to the roof with props, equipment and gear. I honestly hated taking over my living room in my old home, I felt like it took away from my family. But It worked for the time being. And you can’t be picky if thats all you got!

But I have some of the fondest memories in that living room studio. I’ve met so many amazing people there, who didnt judge but were just so happy to have their beautiful new baby photographed. But Of course, we out grew that house pretty quickly. I found out I was pregnant with Twins…. and our Lives completely changed!

IMG_0275.jpgFinding out I was pregnant with Identical Twins was a complete game changer. I came back from a fabulous Caribean Holiday in January, My photography schedule was booked right up to October. Finding out I was pregnant with Identical twins changed everything! My Doctor told me that If I wanted to keep these babies safe and inside as long as possible, I would need to quit working. Identical Twins are a high risk pregnancy because they share one placenta. There were months where I was having an ultrasound every week to make sure everything was alright. 

But the Twins were born happy and healthy. I made it to nearly 37 weeks! Thats great when you’re pregnant with Identical Twins!

Anyways, Long story short… We sold our House and Moved into a House some home builder friends of ours built. I was able to design a Studio in the Bonus Room and thats where I shoot all of my studio newborn and maternity shoots. Its still based out of Calmar. Calmar may seem like its in the middle of no where, But it only takes us 30 minutes to get to south common!

Back to Newborns… Why do I love newborn photography? I LOVE the challenge, plus I get my new baby fix every session! Its so cool when you get to mold this perfect little thing into this cute beautiful flattering pose that you know is going to make the perfect photograph. I love the challenge. And I love learning. Each baby is so different from the last, I try to embrace every moment with every baby. And Its hard to believe but I may actually be more obsessed with your gallery images then you are! Thats what makes me love my job as a photographer. Its not a job to me, its an artistic outlet that lets me have fun while creating beautiful images that will last forever!


There is nothing better then enjoying what you do!

Thanks for reading,

xox - Kathryn

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